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MARCH 20 2004  
(see RBCSWO Premium below for Entry info)

Rare Breed Club of South Western Ontario (RBCSWO)

Established in 1996 to represent the interest of Pure Breed Dogs

Hosting Four (4) Rare Breed Conformation Shows

4 Altered Conformation Shows

March 20 & 21 2004

Toronto Sportsman Show

Pre-Entry ONLY Closing March 01, 2004


Judges for Toronto Sportsman Show

Saturday: Dave Patterson and Fred Dewsbury

Sunday: Katherine Grant and TBA


Molosser Specialty Saturday 10:00 AM Judge Michele Palazzo

Neapolitan Mastiff Specialty Saturday 9:00 am Judge Dr Guido Vandonni

DDB Specialty Sunday 9:00 AM Judge Guido Vandonni

Thai Ridgeback Saturday after Moloser Specialty Judge Dr Giudo Vandonni


Canadian Cane Corso Club

Tibetan Mastiff

Parson Russell Terrier Saturday AM Judge Dave Paterson

Schapendoes Saturday PM Judge: Guido Vandonni

Neapolitan Mastiff Booster judge Joe Aldret


(The Sportsman show requires that all exhibitors be set up in a booth space at the show.)

Per show entry ( includes booth space ).............................................................. $75.00

Entry in all 4 shows. ( includes booth space )..................................................... $125.00

Specialty show (includes booth space if you are not entered in regular how). ... $90.00

Entry 4 shows + Specialty show ... ....... $175.00

Altered Classes per show( includes booth space )............................................... $70.00

Altered classes all 4 shows (includes booth space) $110.00

Rare Breed Club of South Western Ontario

Executive Board

President: Lynda Proulx

Vice President: Linda Young-Roberts

Treasurer: Roy Aitchison


Show Chairman/Show Secretary: Roy Aitchison

992 Eagle Court London, ON N5Z 4K6 519-686-1955

E-Mail: cc: Fax: 519-686-9285


Classes Available (Split by sex except for Specials)

Elementary Puppy class shall be for dogs at least 3 months of age on the first day of the show under 6 months.

Junior Puppy class shall be for dogs at least 6 months of age on the first day of the show under 9 months.

Senior Puppy class shall be for dogs at least 9 months of age on the first day of the show under 12 months.

12-18 Month class shall be for dogs at least 12 months of age on the first day of the show under 18 months.

Canadian Bred class shall be for any dog born in Canada

Bred By Exhibitor class shall be for dogs owned and handled by breeder.

Open class shall be for all dogs.

Special class shall be for all dogs completing their Rare Breed Club of South Western Ontario Championship.

Altered class shall be for all dogs sexually altered.

Altered Classes

The Rare Breed Club of South Western Ontario is pleased to offer the purebred fancy an opportunity to present their altered dogs in a Conformation show activity. Any owner of an altered purebred dog whether recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club or not are invited to participate in these shows.


All altered dogs will be judged by sex without regard to breed and be placed First thru Fourth. Best Altered Male and Best Altered Female will compete for Best Altered Sex. The Rare Breed Club of South Western Ontario is pleased to offer the altered dogs owners an opportunity to compete for "Top Altered Dog" for the year. This award will be presented to the altered dog which defeats the greatest number of dogs throughout the year.

SHOW TIME TABLEAs much as possible the Club will schedule their shows as follows A.M. shows to commence at 10:00 AM, Pm shows will commence one hour after the completion of the AM show. In the event there are Specialty Shows held in conjunction with a weekend of shows the times may have to be changed to allow for a smooth running of the shows. Where possible times will be published in the Prem List or at the Show Secretary's table at the show. Altered Class will be schedule to be judged by which ever judge is not doing Best in Show. Altered class may be judge prior to the completion of the Best in Show judging depending on the entry.

Attention Foreign Exhibitors.

Due to constantly fluctuating currency rates, it is in your best interest to pay entry fees in Canadian funds. To simplify the process we urge you to purchase bank drafts or money orders payable in Canadian Funds. We will except US currency at the discounted fees. Your understanding and co-operation is appreciated. Thank you.




Rare Breed Club of South Western Ontario

c/o Roy Aitchison, Show Secretary

992 Eagle Court

London ON N5Z 4K6

For any additional information on the shows and trails contact Show Secretary at (519)686-1955. Entries received without proper fee will not be accepted. No Entry will be accepted unless all particulars called for on the entry form are shown thereon.

Make all cheques/money orders payable to: Rare Breed Club of South Western Ontario, the club cannot assume responsibility for cash sent through the mail.

Entry fees shall NOT be refunded in the event a dog is absent, excused by Veterinarian or Judge, Disqualified, or Barred from competition by action of the club. If because of riots, civil disturbance or other acts beyond the control of the club, it is impossible to open or complete the show, no refund of entry fees will be made. The Rare Breed Club of South Western Ontario will use due care and diligence for the welfare of dogs and exhibitors but will not be responsible for or assume any liability in the event of an accident, or other misfortune, to either dogs, exhibitors or patrons.

In the event that a cheque payable for entry fees is returned NSF there will be a service charge of $10.00 per cheque. Any points earned by that dog at these shows will be withheld if there are outstanding monies owing to the club. Exhibitors must abide by errors made in entering their dogs, regardless of how or by whom the entries were made. Change or cancellation of any entry after closing date and time is prohibited.


Dogs may arrive any time prior to their scheduled time for judging. Dogs not required for futher judging will be excused. Judges will not wait for any dog holding up a class. Owner/handlers are responsible for the presence of their dogs when their classes are called to be judged. Every effort will be made to accommodate our exhibitors should there be a conflict of judging, however should the conflict not be resolved the exhibitor shall be responsible to have their charges at ring side. Exhibitors are requested to keep the grooming area and crating areas clean and tidy. Dogs not being exhibited or groomed must be crated. If space is at a premium exhibitors must remove private exercise pens if requested by the Club.

Upcoming Shows

June 5 & 6 Caledonia (Erie Shores)

July 10 and 11 Oxford County (Woodstock)

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